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A sacred vow to manifest intentions with unwavering integrity.

Sankalpa | Yoga Mat & Lifestyle Brand

Chakra Healing

Yoga Mats!

Tailored to cater to your intentions, surpassing the conventional expectations of a mere yoga mat.

Facilitating healing through therapeutic touch, chromotherapy, astrology, biophilic graphics, and ancient science.
Chakra Healing Yoga Mat - Root Chakra
Sankalpa | Yoga Mat & Lifestyle Brand

Find what resonates most with you.

New Arrivals

Sankalpa | Yoga Mat & Lifestyle Brand

Symmetry Yoga Mat Collection

A collection that transcends the mat – a sanctuary for your body, mind, and spirit. Elevate your healing journey with a touch of luxurious experience, as these mats go beyond the ordinary, bringing balance, style, and comfort to your sacred space.

Anti-slip Bottom Yoga Mat
stain resistant yoga mat
Light weight yoga mat
Therapeutic Touch
Anti-slip rubber bottom with conductive coating
Black is linked to grounding, protection, and absorbing negative energy. It's associated with the unknown and the subconscious, encouraging introspection. We understand that interpretations of colors vary, so explore the vibrant versions according to your preferences.
yoga mat
The Color Black
The non-slip rubber bottom ensures you can practice yoga on any surface without sacrificing stability and comfort. With a conductive coating on the underside, as rubber is not an efficient electrical conductor, it facilitates the flow of energy across the mat, connecting with the earth through the coating.
Weighing 62 ounces (1.75 kg) and with a thickness of 0.15 inches (4 mm), this mat is lightweight and easily foldable for convenient transportation. The 4mm thickness of the material also intensifies the feeling of being grounded, ensuring strong stability.
Crafted with Microsuede Top fabric, this yoga mat is known for its remarkable softness, elevating comfort, inducing relaxation, and relieving physical stress. It ensures a reliable grip, and quick sweat absorption, and boasts resistance to stains, dust, and wrinkles.

In-Depth Look

Elevate Your Performance with Highlighted Features

MindfulMotion Yoga Mat Collection


Unroll Serenity

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On All Floral Yoga Mat Collection

MindfulMotion Yoga Mat - SacredFern

Sankalpa | Yoga Mat & Lifestyle Brand
Sankalpa | Yoga Mat & Lifestyle Brand

Solid hues that resonate with your spirit. 

Seize the Zen Today!

MindfulMotion Yoga Mat - Soulful Solids

On All Soulful Solids Yoga Mat Collection

Solid hues that resonate with your spirit!

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